Testimonials. User opinions about Folder Marker

"I must say I love Folder Marker. It is so easy to identify the folders on my desktop, from PDFs to Docs, and others. As a hobby photographer, it's especially helpful because I can see my categories by folder colour. Thank you."
David E. Conolly via Facebook

"My eyesight isn't particularly good, but when this small program came into my life, it made it ten times better. Keep it up! And thanks"
Mark Kent

"Folder Marker is one of those little utilities that once you have it you wonder how you ever did without it. It lets you mark your Windows Explorer folders in a couple of different ways..."

"I have been using a more limited version of this same software for a while now. I love it. It makes graphically marking my folders so fast and easy. I can color code and also add my own icons for quick, easy use as well"
Martin Hamdin

"For a person like me...with an overly full desktop this is ideal. I can group folder types by colour, making it easier to find what I'm looking for. Rhx I've been wanting this for my new vista laptop"
Oscar McNew

"The program is fantastic and I am going to have a lot of fun tomorrow organizing my programs and files into some nice color coded folders. Thank you :)"
Roger E. Thompson

"This is surprisingly useful for quickly locating folders and is one of those things that should be built into windows. Works well with Windows 7"
Steve Bailey

"Does what it says and helps me quickly find the folders I colorized at work, where I have great many folders to navigate everyday. Thanks!"
Ralph Monroe

"It installed easily on my WinXP machine. The choices for folders are enough for most people. It's easy enough to understand how to use. I will definately be buying this product AND the optional choices"
Marcy Greenwald

"Upgraded from previous version. Smooth Install, No issues. Gives Additional Colors, Everyday Icons, ABC Icons. Overall very simple, but useful program to find folders quickly, helpful in locating your current most active files"
Franco Prandi

"I originally picked up this utility when GiveAwayOfTheDay.com offered it last year. After using it for a month I ended up buying the pro version, and there's no better endorsement of a product than that"
Glenn Meixner

"It's a lot like the feature on Mac OSX that lets you color folders and files. I use a Mac at work but prefer to use a PC when I come home so I was really happy to get this into Windows. Works perfectly with Vista too"
Matsui Minoru

"Great program. Works fine on Vista Home Premium 64-bit. Yes, it's true you can change folder icons by going to the Properties dialog - but it is so nice to have the context menu provided by Folder Marker and to have all those icons grouped together in tabs"
Pat Chugg

"This is a very useful program - I had never thought of color-coding folders before for ease of identification. I often work on projects with many folders and sub-folders, so being able to tell at a glance what belongs to what is really handy"
Mark Magill

"To all those who think 'You can do it in Windows', an advantage of FolderMarker allowed you to make MULTIPLE changes at once-something you can't do in Windows"
Jose Martins

"I used Folder Marker to change the Windows yellow folders to a bright green triangle-arrows for often-used folders in a long list. I could simply select all the important folders, I wanted to stand out, and change them all at once. This icon change considerably speeds up getting to the desired file/folder."
Steve Kortis

"I really like this program, had it before and lost it when I changed computers! Really happy to get another copy of it!"
Frank Patton via Facebook

"I have hundreds of thousands of graphic files myself and this software makes it so easy to customize folders that I had to comment and mention how useful this soft is. 10 to 20 seconds is not enough for me to search for an image through thousands of images. It barely uses any resources and windows should really already have this ability to customize, It really doesn't even if you say it does :)."
rodken via GiveawayOfTheDay

"This is an outstanding program. I have used it in the past and lost it when I restored my system. Glad to get it again."
Bobby Harris via GiveawayOfTheDay

"Thanks so much. Got a new computer and I have really missed this program! I've been using it for years and love it."
Anita via GiveawayOfTheDay

"I am also very happy with the program on 64 windows7 ultimate since it was first offered. It is very easy to use and very helpful."
suntsu via GiveawayOfTheDay

"Folder Marker Pro, on the site, is only $34.95 and comes with a nice selection of folder icons built in. Also, they say, you can add an unlimited number of your own icons to the program. (Over the years I've collected scores of folder icons so really like that) There's a home version too :)
I ran the free version on my XP computer for years without a problem so it was one of the first programs to be installed on my Windows 7 computer. It helps me find the folders I need in a sea of yellow folders on my 1 TB storage drive. Bonus: even the free version lets me install up to 10 of my own folder icons."
Floie via BitsDuJour

"This is one of the software that I have found to be good for home user who needs to distinguish the folders instantly. I have been using it for years and in every computer it is a must for me to install it. Thanks"
‎Bright Peter‎ via Facebook