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Folder Icons

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Folder Icons

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Folder Icons

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System requirements
Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.
x32 or x64 editions

Separate your Hobbies folders from the work routine!

82 folder icons with Hobbies symbols to get well-organized and good-looking desktop space

The more activities you perform, the more folders with special photos, videos, and other memories scattered over the device. As a result, there are too many useless files thrown over the desktop space. With Hobbies folder icons your folders will be labeled accurately and organize desktop space more efficiently.

Price: $19.95

Hobbies Folder Icons represent your entertainments

Hobbies folders created to sort out ordinary yellow into thematic folders according to your interests. This set contains 82 different pictures to represent the sport, dancing, singing, and other engagements you're fond of. These images designed to explain the folder name without a need for tiny words below. Here you can look over the full list of available Hobbies icons:

Folder icons clean up desktop space and simplify navigation over the device

With the Hobbies Folder Icons you will spend less time on required folder searching. A person defines pictures quicker than simple words. When the usual yellow folders are labeled by a picture, they are becoming more visible. Check the difference between customary yellow icons and Hobbies folder icons:

A few simple clicks needed to apply Hobbies icons on the desktop

As soon as you’ve purchased icon pack, you could apply folder icons using one of the suggested ways:

Change folder icons in the standard Windows way

  1. Select and right-click the folder first
  2. Select Properties from the drop-down menu
  3. Select Customize tab in the dialog
  4. Click on Change Icon… button
  5. Click Browse... button and select Hobbies.icl file
  6. Select an icon from the suggested list
  7. Change the icon by clicking on OK and then Apply button

Seven steps might be too complicated; that's why there is an alternative two-click way to apply folder icons using Folder Marker Pro.

Change folder icons in the Folder Marker's way

Folder Marker Pro is the program for Windows created to label usual folders with color or icons to highlight them and ease desktop navigation. Here is how the yellow folder can be changed in two simple clicks and become labeled with the help of Folder Marker Pro.

  1. Right-click on the folder
  2. Select the icon from the 'Mark Folder' menu.

Easy, yeah?

Folder Marker Pro has 148 icons included and lots of features for labeling folders on several computers and for different purposes. Try out everything by yourself