Folder Marker not working with network folders in Windows 10 or Windows 11. However I can change local folders on my PC. How can I fix this?

We have numerous tickets that Folder Marker stopped working with network folders after updating to version 4.7. But, according to our investigation, the problem is NOT connected to the v 4.7 update.


This problem is connected to the updates of Windows 10 or 11 from October 2022 (KB5018410,  KB5018418, KB5018427). This is an update of Windows where the work with Network in Windows (and the feature of showing customized icons) is changed. Now Windows ignores the visual information in network folders by default. More info here.


I.e. Folder Marker properly changes the folder icon as it has to, but Windows doesn't show it. You need to inform Windows OS that you want to see this visual information.


You can apply the following setting to Windows, using our instructions.


Step 1:
Modify the Local Group Policy using the Local Group Policy Editor.

- Click Start - Type gpedit.msc - Press Enter

- Go to the Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ File Explorer section.

- Modify the “Allow the use of remote paths in the file shortcut icons” setting to “Enabled”,


Step 2:

Create the Registry Key that complements the LGP:


Registry Path: Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer

Value Name: EnableShellShortcutIconRemotePath

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Enabled Value: 1


Step 3:

Restart the computer


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