Change network folder icons

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Folder Marker lets you change a network folder icon. A network folder is located on the other computer, and you can access it by clicking the My Network Places icon on the Windows desktop. The path to a network folder looks like this: \\ComputerName\FolderName.


Folder Marker works only with the folders that can be accessed through My Network Places in Windows Explorer and located on a Windows computer. The program cannot change folder icons on NAS servers, or on computers that can be accessed only via FTP.


Changing network folder icons is possible only in Professional version of Folder Marker. You can change a network folder icon either from the context menu of the selected folder, or from Folder Marker. It is possible to change shared folder icons ONLY if you have the "Write" access to the directory.


If you change the icon from Folder Marker, the program enables Make customized folder distributable option for all network folders. You can disable this option if necessary. In this case, Folder Marker does not copy the icon to the network folder. On computers where Folder Marker is not installed, the folder icon looks like the default one. When you change the icon from the context menu, Folder Marker copies the new icon to the folder. This makes the icon change visible to all computers in the network.



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