Add own icons to program

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Folder Marker has a large library of icons. However users can add their own icons to the program.


To add a new icon to the program, follow these steps:


1. Run Folder Marker.


2. Select User Icons tab.


3. Click Add chMufoic


This opens the dialog that allows you to add a new icon.


4. Click OK.


The new icon is added to the User Icons tab.


Please note: After the registration you'll have an opportunity to add a set of icons to Folder Marker. For this, you need to save icons to ICL file (Icon Library) and copy the file to the ICL folder of the directory where Folder Marker is installed. Typically it is C:\Folder Marker\icl. Once the ICL file is added to the ICL folder, the user can see a new tab with the icons from that library. This way you can add large sets of icons to Folder Marker.


To edit ICL files, you can use an icon editor such as AwIcons, ArtIcons, Axialis IconWorkshop.



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